Commercial Availability of Kontena Cloud Empowers Developers to Rapidly Deploy, Manage, Scale, and Monitor Containerized Applications

Kontena Cloud Subscriptions Start from $50 per Month

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Kontena - the most widely adopted Linux container platform in production, who has been disrupting container ecosystem giants like Docker and Kubernetes, has today announced the release of Kontena Cloud, Kontena’s hosted service. Kontena Cloud is the most developer-friendly container management and monitoring tool and is further raising the bar on ease-of-use to maximize developer happiness.

These services can be customized according to users' and businesses' projects and use case needs.

Kontena Cloud builds on the success of the easy-to-setup and simple to run Kontena Platform 1.0 version launched last December. Kontena Cloud consists of the Kontena Cloud Dashboard, available free of charge to single users and offers real-time monitoring and management of the subscribers’ Kontena Platform, as well as other features available with commercial subscriptions.

Kontena Cloud’s new ‘added-value’ subscriptions have been highly requested by Kontena users, and as such, Kontena is very excited to now be able to offer these services via commercial subscription to their growing developer user base. These new subscription offerings, which further enhance Kontena Cloud's value to enterprise and start-up customers, include:

  • Hosted Kontena Platform: Enjoy the fully hosted Kontena Platform on a cloud infrastructure of your choice.
  • Teams/Organisations: Create a private Kontena Cloud namespace, collaborate, build and share great apps together.
  • Hosted Image and Stack Repositories: Unlimited private repositories for your container images and Kontena Stacks.
  • Support: Standard support is available to all users who are subscribed to Kontena’s paid services. Premium support guarantees fast response times 24-7.

Kontena Platform is currently used by numerous organizations around the world, ranging from start-ups to large organizations, such as Harvard University, powering tens of thousands of containers in production.

<> Miska Kaipiainen, Kontena CEO

Pricing and Availability

With Kontena Cloud, you are in control! Kontena Cloud enables you to easily select added-value subscriptions as needed, and to scale your deployed capacity and user accounts according to the needs of your projects and company. With the Kontena Hosted Platform, you are free to select the cloud infrastructure of your choice, while the Teams add-on allows you to create a collaborative arena in which to build your apps, and customized support options mean you can always get help when you need it the most.

Kontena Cloud is available immediately as a free single user version. However, if you require additional services such as the Hosted Kontena Platform and Team add-ons, pricing is based on the services you select, the deployed capacity (memory usage) and the number of users. Added-value subscriptions enable Kontena Cloud to be scaled to handle even the largest use cases.

Monthly subscriptions start as low as $50 per month and are available through controlled onboarding by signing up to our onboarding list.

For organizations with strict on-premise requirements, Kontena Cloud is also offered as an on-premise version. If you are interested in the on-premise version, please email to find out more.

About Kontena

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