Kontena Cloud Introduction

Kontena Cloud is the new, better way to run your containers in production. The key features include cool dashboard that is designed for DevOps and works smoothly with your Kontena Platform. It is available as hosted solution from Kontena.

Some of the Kontena Platform users have already been experimenting with Kontena Cloud. It was released at the same time with Kontena Platform 1.0, back in November 2016. Since then, Kontena Platform has been in the limelight, but we have been constantly improving Kontena Cloud. Steadily, we've been adding new functionality, improving the UI/UX and just few weeks ago, we added one of the most requested feature: to provide Kontena Platform as a hosted solution. There are so many exciting features so let's jump in and explore what you can do with Kontena Cloud, today!

We are proud to introduce the Kontena Cloud. Kontena Cloud is the most developer-friendly container and microservices management and monitoring tool and is further raising the bar on ease-of-use to maximize developer happiness.

Kontena Cloud is software-as-a-service and it is available free of charge to single users. It offers real-time monitoring and management of the subscribers’ Kontena Platforms, as well as other features available with commercial subscriptions.

The Main Capabilities


Kontena Cloud gives you a real-time view into system health and performance in one sight. Information of Host Nodes belonging to the Grid are visible on the Dashboard making it super easy to see all the technical details.

All configured Services are listed on the Dashboard allowing user to see are all the instances healthy, how many instances are running, what ports are reserved and other highly beneficial information.


Kontena Cloud offers real-time visualization of Platform's resource usage. Stats and metrics are available also from individual nodes and service instances making it super easy to find the bottlenecks of the system and misbehaving applications.

Real-time logs from nodes and services are provided helping the troubleshooting by seeing errors and failures from different services in one place.

All node and service configurations are also visible through the Dashboard making it transparent and easy to verify settings and versions of running applications.


To operate and command Kontena Platforms, Kontena Cloud offers embedded management console that works anywhere, anytime.

User can easily do the routine tasks through Kontena Cloud and jump into the shell of the running service instance through embedded console and operate locally inside the container.

Commercial Features

While Kontena Cloud is free of use for single users there will be also paid features that will leverage the usage of Kontena Cloud to new level.

Organization account

Create a private Kontena Cloud namespace, collaborate and build great apps together. All members can see and operate Kontena Platforms with the given permissions.

Hosted Kontena Platform

Enjoy the fully managed hosted Kontena Platform on a cloud infrastructure of your choice. Spin up Hosted Kontena Platform from Kontena Cloud and bring your own nodes and start using Kontena right away.

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