Howdy! While celebrating 1st of May, we have been also working on Kontena 0.5.0 Release. This release contains number of bug fixes and code changes needed for our upcoming releases. With this release, we were able to fix Docker's streaming API memory leak problem causing kontena-agent nodes to run out of memory after a while. In essence, this is a problem of Docker itself, but we found a way around it. See below for full list of changes:

Kontena v0.5.0 changelog

  • Fix memory leak problems with Docker streaming API's
  • Improve kontena-agent dns performance
  • Remove sidekiq from kontena-server (smaller memory footprint)
  • Add support for cap_add/cap_drop option for containers
  • Improve WebSocket handshake logic with kontena-agent
  • Support for binding mounted volumes
  • New deploy option: strategy
  • New deploy option: wait_for_port
  • Update Weave to version 0.10.0
  • Update cAdvisor to version 0.12.0

We hope you like what we have been doing and would like to hear your feedback! Looking forward to see you again!