The summer is coming and Kontena is getting better and better every day! This release contains some amazing new features: Kontena Deploy and Grid VPN Access. Kontena Deploy is a powerful new feature for defining and running complex applications with Kontena. With Grid VPN Access you can directly connect to databases (among other services) running in your Grid from your local environment.

In addition to the cool features mentioned above, we've merged all Github repositories used for Kontena development into kontena/kontena repository. This merge was done to unify the Kontena development efforts and make issue management more easy in the future.

And as always, we have included number of bug fixes and added several other enhancements. See below for full list of changes:

Kontena v0.6.0 changelog

  • Added new feature: Kontena Deploy.
  • Added new feature for Grid VPN Access.
  • Weave network configuration improvements.
  • Server & Agent images are now based on Alpine Linux.
  • Allow user to register even without access to server.
  • Resolve public IP address of nodes.
  • Improved high-availability scheduling strategy.
  • Automatic routine for lost node cleanup.
  • Show container ID (with color) in service logs.

We think the new Grid VPN Access and Kontena Deploy features are very useful. What do you think? We would like to hear your feedback! Looking forward to see you again!