It's summer time in Finland and most of the businesses are on vacation. However, this is not the case with Kontena. Just a while ago we released Kontena version 0.7.0! This is the biggest and best release yet. New features and improvements include:

  • Private Docker Image Registry - Yes! Finally! It is now possible to create your own private Docker Image Registry with just few Kontena CLI commands. The image registry is running in the Kontena Grid so it's totally secure and works like charm.
  • Kontena CLI Bash Auto Completion - No need to remember service names anymore. Just hit tab and Kontena CLI Bash Auto Completion will get you the list of choices!
  • Kontena Grid with Etcd Cluster Built-In - Improving node join/discovery procedures and Kontena Grid availability; grid nodes can now better resist connection problems to master.
  • Security Improvements - Internal network traffic between Kontena Grid nodes is now encrypted by default.

Check the full list of changes at Kontena 0.7.0 Changelog. We hope you enjoy. Let us know what you think! Looking forward to see you again!

Image: IAEA Imagebank, Port Klang, Malaysia (02813589)