Kontena 0.8.0 is out and it's so good! With this new release, we've done numerous improvements to usability and stability, and added new features to make installation of Kontena very easy. Here's the highlights of our new version:

  • Multi-Master Support - We have refactored the Kontena Master to support multi-master setups increasing the robustness in production environments.
  • Easy Setup and Install - Everything is running inside a container now. It is also now possible to install with Docker Machine!
  • Built-In Node Provision - With just single command, you can now provision nodes to supported cloud platforms. At the time of release, you can provision nodes to local Vagrant environment or DigitalOcean cloud infrastructure. We'll keep on adding new platforms in the future!
  • Upgrade to Network Overlay - We have made total re-design and upgrade to the network overlay. It's now based on latest version of Weave.
  • Registry with Auth - Upgrading Private Image Registry to support authentication.
  • Secure Etcd Key/Value Store - Etcd is now secured. All communication is encrypted.
  • Kontena Applications - We added kontena app commands which are docker-compose / PaaS like helpers

See the full list of changes. We hope you like what we have done. Let us know what you think! Looking forward to see you again!

Image Credits: Summer Sun Explored by Nikos Koutoulas