Kontena 0.9.0 is now released. Woohoo, this time it's a big one! We've included built-in load balancers and added support for PaaS / Heroku style application deployments. For people trying out Kontena for the first time, we've made it possible to install Kontena 100% through the Kontena CLI. And this is just beginning! Here are the highlights:

  • Kontena load balancer - When working with containers, we all need load balancers. In fact, we need quality load balancers that can handle dynamic configuration and scaling. Enter the Kontena Load Balancer! The power of load balancing is now available to everybody.
  • Support for Heroku style application deployments - In case you enjoy PaaS / Heroku style application deployment model, it's now all built-in to Kontena. Just call kontena app init and Kontena will automatically create necessary Dockerfile, docker-compose.yml and kontena.yml files for your project. Then, call kontena app deploy to deploy your application running in your Kontena infrastructure. That's so sweet!
  • Added Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure providers - Kontena Nodes and Master can be installed with Kontena CLI tool. The supported platforms now include: DigitalOcean, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and Vagrant (for local testing).
  • Install Kontena Master with Kontena CLI - Before it was possible to install Kontena Nodes with Kontena CLI. Now, you can install Kontena Master too! This improvement will help people trying out Kontena for the first time making installation very easy.
  • Auto-Updating Nodes - Kontena Nodes are now automatically updating. They will follow the version of your Kontena Master. When you update Kontena Master, the Nodes will auto-update themselves.

In addition, we have yet again improved the overall stability and robustness. See the full list of changes. We hope you like what we have done. Let us know what you think! Looking forward to see you again!

Image Credits: Container Docks by Louis Vest