NEW YORK, NY and HELSINKI - Feb. 7, 2018 - Kontena, Inc. announced today that it has joined other container industry leaders as a member of the Open Container Initiative (OCI) to further the adoption of container technologies. OCI is run by the Linux Foundation with the goal of creating open industry specifications around container formats and runtime.

Miska Kaipiainen, chief executive officer and co-founder, Kontena, said:

“We are excited to become a member of the Open Container Initiative. We have always believed in and been part of the open source community and feel that OCI plays a very important role in keeping the container ecosystem open and progressive.”

Kontena sees the OCI as the most important body in the container ecosystem driving vendor neutrality, standardization and making this amazing technology more accessible globally. Just like many other companies working with containers, they are strong believers in open source, open APIs and open ecosystems in general. Kontena wants to be part of OCI to contribute to its mission to help not only its members, but everybody else in this industry, in being successful.

Chris Aniszczyk, executive director, OCI, said:

“We are honored to have Kontena, an innovative container platform, join OCI to help aid portability and standardization through our mutual work around accessible and open standards and specifications.”

As the uptake of containers is constantly increasing, Kontena plans to take an active part in drafting the OCI specifications and charters while actively promoting OCI to its user base. They are most looking forward to the vendor neutrality and increased velocity for developing runtimes that are based on open standards as part of their OCI membership.

"We want to incorporate and support the runtime spec in our Kontena Platform open source project via runC and containerd. We also want to support the image spec in our own hosted image registry service in the near future," Kaipiainen also said.

These specifications will provide Kontena's users with the confidence to get started with containers while having the promise of no vendor lock-in. In addition, these specifications have stabilized some of the core technology components used by Kontena.

Develop and package once, distribute, deploy and run anywhere; that's the magic and it's reality when you use runtimes and images based on OCI specs. Kontena predicts that more vendors will be bringing out runtimes that do their own magic that benefits their specific end users. "We've always been believers in the container market not being a 'one solution for all' type of situation but instead, there are a multitude of users, use cases, and specifically needs, all that no one solution can singlehandedly meet," exclaimed Kapiainen. Open APIs and standards will enable more vendors to build meaningful solutions that will then benefit the end user as more choice and less lock-in through easier interchangeability of components.

Being an open source project itself, Kontena’s developer friendly container and microservices platform benefits from many other open source projects and would not exist without open APIs. Due to its ease of use, the Kontena Cloud Platform is currently used in production by numerous organizations around the world, ranging from start-ups to large organizations such as Harvard University, Anthill Agency, Leonidas, Bunch, and Ally Commerce, powering tens of thousands of containers in production.

Kontena’s hosted offering, Kontena Cloud, is the ultimate, easiest way to run Linux containers in production. It is available via an easy to consume monthly subscription, beginning with the Mini platform, which is very competitively priced and a good option for testing and development, through to the Standard platform which is a highly available version, set-up across several availability zones and with system database replication. You can also take advantage of Kontena Cloud Compute nodes, both for production workloads and for flexibility with any quick testing or prototyping, as well as Kontena's hosted Image Registry to store and distribute your container images.

In Kontena's opinion, the OCI has already shown its capability to create solid standards and specifications for the industry that is moving at the speed of light. This work has already resulted in amazing results through increased interoperability, recognition and adoption. However, it is still very early on and there are still so many things to be done. The work will be done only once all compute is happening in containers. "Until then, let's keep on working to ensure open standards, interoperability and vendor neutrality," said Kaipiainen.

For those of you considering joining the OCI, Kontena recommends getting on-board and helping to shape the industry from the inside rather than staying out!

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About Kontena

Kontena provides the most easy-to-use, fully integrated solution for DevOps and software development teams to deploy, run, monitor and operate containers on the cloud. The underlying Kontena Platform technology is open source and available under Apache 2.0 license. It is used by hundreds of startups and software development teams working for some of the biggest enterprises in the world.

Image Credits: Industry Sunset Port Facility Mood by Claudia Peters.