Hooray! Kontena Lens - the smart dashboard for Kubernetes - version 2.5 is now out with cool new features. This time we rolled our sleeves and delivered one of the most requested feature: the light mode! In addition, we added support for cluster proxies, made some upgrades to cluster authentication flow plus a bunch of other minor features and fixes. We hope you enjoy!

Enter the Light

Some people just don't like the dark mode. We have seen many of our users request a Light mode and starting from this release, it is possible to swith the light/dark theme from the Lens application preferences.

Open the Main menu > Preferences and look for Theme setting and simply switch the theme:

Theme dropdown

Once a theme has been selected, the cluster view will use the selected theme:

Kontena Lens light theme

Reorder the Cluster List by Dragging

Before the clusters were sorted by their context names. You can now reorder the list of clusters by drag-dropping.


Cluster Proxies

Based on user feedback we have added an option to define per cluster HTTP proxies. This setting will allow Lens to access Kubernetes clusters which do not directly expose their APIs to users.

Cluster HTTP Proxy

Full Changelog for version 2.5.0

  • Light theme
  • Per cluster HTTP proxy setting
  • Load system certificate authorities on MacOS & Windows
  • Reorder clusters by dragging
  • Improved in-application documentation
  • Minor bug fixes

Getting Started with Lens

Kontena Lens desktop application is available for download from Kontena website. It is 100% free of charge. We hope you enjoy!

If you have any feedback, please let us know via Kontena Community slack channel. Join https://slack.kontena.io