We have heard you. You want to have an option to use your existing Prometheus setup with Lens. Today is a great day for all of us! We are proud to serve you the most advanced version of Lens - the smart dashboard for Kubernetes - ever released. Version 2.4 is out now, with option to use your existing Prometheus for stats; plus some other goodies! 🎃🎉

Using Your Own Prometheus with Lens

If you want to use your own Prometheus with Lens, you can do so by accessing the cluster settings (right click on cluster icon).

As you can notice, the cluster settings has been updated as part of this release as well. Scroll down to Prometheus section and set the Prometheus service address.


Once configured, you can switch back to cluster view and see stats pulled down from your existing Prometheus setup. You should see all the stats just like with in-app Metrics feature.


NOTE: If you don't have Prometheus in your cluster, you can always get it up and running by simply installing the Metrics feature via cluster settings.

Set Working Directory for Built-In Terminal

In many cases, all cluster related assets, manifests and scripts are located on some specific directory that is not the home directory of user. With the latest version, you can now specify which directory is opened by default when built-in terminal is opened. Scroll down to Working Directory section and simply define the default working directory.


Full Changelog for version 2.4.0

  • Allow to configure Prometheus address per cluster
  • Allow to configure working directory for built-in terminal
  • Improved new user experience: invitation code is not required anymore
  • New cluster settings UI
  • Fix OIDC with custom CA
  • Use configured HTTP proxy for kubectl downloads
  • Fix missing icons and fonts for users working offline or behind firewalls
  • Minor bug fixes

Getting Started with Lens

Kontena Lens desktop application is available for download from Kontena website. It is 100% free of charge. We hope you enjoy!

If you have any feedback, please let us know via Kontena Community slack channel. Join https://slack.kontena.io