Kontena on a mission to create partner ecosystem. Announcing two new partners: IBM Softlayer and Splunk.

After the initial excitement of dockerizing applications wears off, organizations face the question of how to actually run containerized applications in production. Some of the organizations try to build their own platforms while others try some existing, ready-made solutions. They are looking for a solution that fits into their individual business needs while providing necessary interfaces for integrating with existing IT systems.

Kontena container and microservices platform has proven to be the great choice for organizations who value the low total cost of ownership of a platform. They have very limited interest in spending time deploying or hacking the platform source code, plugins, interfaces and integrations. They want a platform that works and integrates out of the box.

Kontena Partner Program

We strive to keep things easy for our users. To ensure we can keep making the developers happy also in the future, we are today launching Kontena Partner Program with out-of-the-box support for technologies and solutions in four distinct ecosystem categories:

  • Infrastructure Platforms: Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud
  • CI/CD Pipeline Tooling
  • Monitoring and Logging
  • ISV Stacks

IBM SoftLayer

Today, I have the happy duty to announce that we have signed a partnership with IBM for easy installation and operation of Kontena on Softlayer. As Softlayer provides enterprises with very high performance and seamlessly networked data centers around the globe, we wanted to extend the same integrated high performance experience for customers running Kontena on it.


We have also formalized our partnership with Splunk, the leading platform for operational intelligence. This partnership offers extremely low touch integration by enabling streaming of Kontena generated stats and logs into Splunk and brings more clarity to operational container environment performance for our joint customers.

Over the coming weeks we will be announcing many additional partnerships across these categories, so stay tuned!

Do you have a complementing solution you'd like to integrate and co-market with us? Please send us an email to: info@kontena.io for more details on our partnership program.

About Kontena

Kontena, Inc. is the creator of Kontena, an open source, developer-friendly container and microservices platform. Kontena is built to maximize developer happiness by simplifying running containerized applications on any infrastructure: on-premises, cloud or hybrid. It provides a complete solution for organizations of any size. Founded in March 2015, Kontena was recognized as one of the best new open source projects in the 8th annual Black Duck Open Source Rookies of the Year Awards. For more information, visit: www.kontena.io

Image credits: Sandstone The Wave Rock by Norm Bosworth