We are live! Wohoo! On behalf of the Team Kontena, I'd like to wish everybody welcome to this blog. The purpose of this blog is to share news, best practices, tutorials, tips & tricks, and everything else related to Kontena.

Our goal is to let you know all the new features we are working on and what is the stuff that was just released. By doing this, we also hope to hear your comments and feedback so we can create more stuff based on your awesome ideas!

About the Kontena Blog Platform

We just spent some time setting up the Ghost blog engine, which is used to run this site. The setup consists of HA Proxy, Ghost and MySQL database. Naturally, we did the deployment using Kontena. While working on this setup, we created several Docker images since none of the "official" Docker images worked as we wanted.

During the setup, we also encountered some other challenges so we decided to create small tutorial about how to setup production quality Ghost blog platform with Kontena. In fact, we think it's perfect tutorial for anybody trying out Kontena. Stay tuned for this tutorial during next few days!

On behalf of Team Kontena, we hope you enjoy this site and keep coming back!